DYNAM stands for Dynamic Asset Management.

DYNAM is a Life Cycle Simulation Tool and is developed on a practical and transparent way, to be able to modulate over the whole Life Cycle Support, or parts of it. This is based on different scenarios.

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Life Cycle Support

The following aspects are taken into account:

  • Modeling / budgeting the entire life cycle or part thereof.
  • The defining of; design and maintenance classes and the quantification of associated load and maintenance factors
  • Defining the expected usage scenarios with associated simulation parameters
  • Analyzing the simulation scenarios, drafting a report on this if desired and adopting the best fitting as ‘baseline’ (standard) for the coming years.

Get and stay in Control with DYNAM

the web-based Asset Management Tool


DYNAM Functionality

1. Constructing

  • System Models
  • Life Cycle Plans
  • Process Models
  1. Collecting Source Data
  • Performances Required
  • Cost Estimations
  • Use Profiles
  1. Simulating/Calculating
  • Installation Performances
  • System Effectiveness
  • Life Cycle Cost
  1. Generating/Communicating
  • Life Cycle Management Plans
  • Design & Use Classes
  • Norm Sheets (NLDoD)
  1. Reporting
  • Key Performance Indicator Charts
  • Periodical Reports
  • Actual Results

AMC Tools are web-based and based on, or integrated with, MS SharePoint portal. The tools can be used from a secure Internet Server or installed within your ‘own’ IT environment.

AMC Training provides for the effective use of these tools whereby they also act as a digital learning environment.