ILSA stands for Integrated Logistics Support Application ILSA is the NATO approach for Asset Logistics Engineering of capital goods.

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For example, a maintenance preparation manager is appointed for new navy equipment to ensure that Asset Logistics Engineering products such as; specifications, diagrams, drawings and procedures, not only make construction possible, but also the subsequent maintenance and that during the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Asset Logistics Engineering or ILS often starts with determining the ILS strategy based on a ‘Use Study’ and ends with a total package of construction and maintenance specifications.

To make these available and maintain them in a structured manner, ILSA acts as a digital drawer, which can also be adjusted to your own insight and wishes.

In addition, various analysis tools are available such as the; FMECA, RCM, MTA LORA Manager.

FMECA: Failure Mode Effect & Criticality Analysis
RCM: Reliability Centered Maintenance
MTA: Maintenance Task Analysis
LORA: Level of Repair Analysis.

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AMC Tools are web-based and based on, or integrated with, MS SharePoint Portal. The tools can be used from a secure Internet server or installed within your ‘own’ IT environment.

AMC Training provides for the effective use of these tools whereby they also act as a digital learning environment.