• Vision

    The increasing complexity of capital goods, organizations and company processes have an ever-larger influence on company results, the functioning of the organization, and on the environment. The current development requires new methods and techniques to be able to pursue cost efficiency and sustainability of complex capital goods. AMC T&T responds to this and offers integrated solutions for managing high-quality technical assets. AMC T&T sees effective asset management as an important condition for dealing with personnel, the environment and resources in a responsible manner in the future.

  • Mission

    AMC T&T aims to exert a significant and direct influence on the operating result through the implementation of AMC methods, the use of raw materials and energy sources and the efficient deployment and equipment. Central to this is the responsible pursuit of system optimization and cost efficiency. AMC T&T strives for the further development and implantation of Asset Management Control methods, techniques, applications and training. By cooperating intensively with the AMC Centre, AMC T&T, in addition to offering solutions for organizations, making an active contribution to the further development, innovation and implementation of Asset Management Control.

Team AMC T&T

Meet the team.

Frank Stoffels


John Stavenuiter


Bart Daalhuisen

IT Developer

Dennes Spek

Database Engineer