ORCA stands for Overall Risk Control Application. ORCA has been specifically developed for ‘integrated’ risk management using risk registers and control measures.

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Risk management with ORCA

ORCA has been developed to professionalize and support risk management throughout the organization in accordance with the schedule below.

Insight with company value risk matrix

The Overall Risk Control Application makes it possible and transparent to derive multiple risk matrices for underlying responsibility areas quickly and unambiguously from the COMPANY VALUE RISK MATRIX, which is set up for the entire organization.
Through this: Defining and setting up the COMPANY VALUE RISK MATRIX and underlying Risk Reference Matrix for the various areas of responsibility.


Risk identification and analysis to generate risk registers for the various areas of responsibility.

The RCM4use approach is shown  in the  process diagram below,  at which the strategic and tactic level ( purely Maintenance Engineering ), is being supported by an AMC Portal and the operational level by an arbitrary  ERP/OBS system.

AMC Tools are web-based and based on, or integrated with, MS SharePoint Portal. The tools can be used from a secure Internet server or installed within your ‘own’ IT environment.

AMC Training provides portals for the effective use of these tools whereby they also act as a digital learning environment.