For periodic asset management audits (ISO 55001) and the monitoring of improvements.

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ISO 55001

The AMC Scan is based on the requirements of the ISO 55001 norm.
The AMC Scan can be executed in a part of a day and consists out of a short introduction given by the facilitator, for example an independent consultant.
The group of attendees, usually between 4 to 8 people, from the concerning organization(s), who represent sufficient knowledge of the process and the intended asset management.

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AMC Scan (ISO 55001 Compliant)
AMC Scan (ISO 55001 Compliant)
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AMC Tools are web based and based on, or integrated with, MS SharePoint Portal. The tools can be used from a secure internet server or to be installed within your ‘own’ IT-environment.

AMC Training provide for the effective use of these tools whereby they also act as a digital learning environment.