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Serious gaming

DGAME is a serious gaming platform where the team interest is central, because asset management is more then only Operations & Maintenance!
Experience the opportunities and risks that occur at Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of an offshore wind farm!
DGAME offers a unique game environment in which participants are introduced to Asset Management Control. Participants are given the opportunity to set their course of Operations & Maintenance independently (DGAME1) or in a team (DGAME2), in one of the most dynamic and challenging sectors where asset management is applied. With DGAME you can train, refresh or develop insight and skills in the field of asset management.


DGAME2 is a web-based application which means the game can be played inside any desired location. During a game, session participants (3-18 people) will together form the Life Cycle Management (LCM) Team. The team interest is central here, because asset management is more than just Operations & Maintenance. They jointly take up the challenge to strive for a maximum return on investment or investment profit in such a cost-effective way.

DGAME is offered as a software packet and as a workshop, at which experienced trainers guide u in the area of Asset Management Control.

DGAME Folder

A number of examples of DGAME sessions are:
TU Delft
Kickoff Seminar AMC


Interested in DGAME? Visit the website or take a look in the folder for more information.

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AMC Tools are web based and based on, or integrated with, MS SharePoint Portal. The tools can be used from a secure internet server or to be installed within your ‘own’ IT-environment.

AMC Training provide for the effective use of these tools whereby they also act as a digital learning environment.