Within different organizations there have been conducted exploratory researches about the Asset Performance Management (AMP) Framework, were the main questions was about; ‘how you can combine Asset Management (AM) with Performance Management (PM) in the best possible way?
All Stakeholders are to be involved by phasing this as shown below:
– Business orientation with the inclusion of AM and PM.
– Brainstorming in teams about a possible approach.
– Working on results and recording it in an implementation program.
– Publishing the improvement program and adjusting of the follow-up approach
– Develop the advisory note ‘Follow-up approach APM’

IT Engineering

IT Engineering support can exist out of:
– expanding or changing the user interface
– setting up or refurbish the data warehouse
– connecting of other applications/databases to
one or more AMC Tools.


Support for implementation can consist of:
– Support with the realization of APM-products like;
   registering, monitoring, adjusting and improving.
– Carrying out specific activities, whether or not on project base.